Most celebrities that we already know either prefer living in New York or Los Angeles. You know, just to stay close to the showbiz action. While this makes sense, there are a whole lot more who prefer a laidback kind of life and dwelling in a residential area without much of the paparazzi’s prying. There are a handful of cities that qualify as pretty laidback; but Brentwood, TN, holds the crown as a favorite for most and for many reasons as such.

Being Nashville’s suburb, Brentwood is part of middle Tennessee that is positioned in Williamson county. It is usually associated with artists who major in country music, but is does not limit anyone else from a different profession.

Many prominent people who wish to invest in luxurious real estate choose Brentwood for quit a myriad of reasons. CEOs love it given its close proximity to business opportunities. Being home to several corporates including Delek US Holdings and so many more, it offers a great business-oriented environment. Sony, Bank of America, AT & T also have a solid presence in Brentwood, TN. One famous personality who lives here is Kelly Coffey, the CEO of City National Bank. She owns a $9.5 million luxurious house on one of the most prestigious streets of Brentwood following a job relocation.

There are several country music artists who love their roots and prefer settling in Brentwood, choosing this city over many other places to settle. Brentwood’s close proximity to Nashville, the ‘Music City’ makes it even more endearing to the country musicians. Brad Paisley, is among the celebrities who are famously known as Brentwood locals. Living with his wife, Kimberly Paisley and their two sons, it is common to spot them up and about in Brentwood either going for a swim or catching dinner at one of the local restaurants.

Taylor Swift too loves Brentwood. despite owning several properties in the US, she has a special penthouse in Brentwood TN. She loves attending local events to watch other artists perform as well as spending some time in East Nashville.

Sheryl Crow wanted a kind of quiet life for her two boys; a life in which they could roam about freely without too much publicity. She knew just the place; Brentwood! Having moved here in 2012, it is not unusual to spot her going about her errands on Brentwood’s high-end streets.

Everyone who lives in Brentwood loves it; there is a certain aura of peace and quiet that comes with it. If you are the kind of person who enjoys serenity over city hustle and bustle, then this right here is the place you need to call home.


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