When Should You Use a Lead Pipe Flashing

In 2019, there certainly are no shortage of lead pipe flashing that you can choose from with a wide variety of materials. There is aluminum, steel, lead, galvanized steel and copper. Of all of these types of flashings, amongst homeowners lead flashings tend to be the most popular.

Lead pipe flashings are placed over piped to provide a protection and cover. Lead is readily available, durable, and provides longevity, making it such a popular option. Your roof’s primary function is to shed water away from your home, ala keep your interior dry from the elements.

In order to do that, your roof must be waterproofed to prevent leaks from entering your home and damaging your interior. Between your walls and roof, there needs to be flashing to seal your home. This will be on areas like your skylights, chimney and vents. These are common problem areas, and leaks tend to arise because of the flashing. The lead pipe flashing can help seal your roof against water seeping or leaking into your home.

Lead Pipe Flashing Features

Many roofing contractors like lead because it is extremely malleable. What this means is that since it is flexible, it can be manipulated into any form you need. It can be molded into different sizes and shapes to fit the flashing design. Lead tends to last longer than other materials and outlast them. Lastly, it is resistant to corrosion and a heat insulator

Popular for Nashville, Tennessee Homeowners

All in all, most Nashville homeowners tend to prefer lead pipe flashing. It is suitable for both cold and hot weather. It can hold up to varying temperatures, expanding and setting in place. In many cases, you can also find lead pipe flashing that match your roof’s shingles color.

In order to have a leak-free home, you need to consider not only the quality of your decking and shingles, but also the flashing on your roof.

Call The Best Roofing Contractors in Nashville TN

If your roof or chimney is leaking, it could be because of improper or deteriorating flashing. We provide thorough roof inspections, and specialize in roof repair and flashing. We can help get your roof back in tip-top shape in no time! Call us today to find out why so many other Nashville homeowners have turned to us in the past to help repair and replace their aging roofs!

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